SAT 10.06.2023 

VTSS has quickly established herself by an exponential growth over the past. 
Hailing from Warsaw, the London based DJ, is known for her versatile sets and her ability to mix a wide range of genres seamlessly.

Musically VTSS cuts an imposing figure in the upper reaches of big (dark) room, peak-time energy. 
At the same time, her productions have moved from distinctive, disruptive variations of club music towards a more diverse, highly personal strain of electronica. 

As a fixture at Berghain, VTSS has made her name as a formidable, shape-shifting DJ in the underground club scene, playing much-lauded sets across the globe and for her NTS residency.
If she’s not on stage or in the studio, she’s not afraid to call out misogyny, homophobia and racism on her Instagram!



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