SAT 11.06.2022 

The legend himself – Cocoon mastermind – “Babba” of the global techno scene or simply: SVEN VÄTH!

It’s hard to believe that Sven Väth has never been with us in over 30 years. Just for the restart, we can welcome him here. That’s insane! With his commitment and passion, he has not only influenced the progress and development of electronic music like hardly anyone else, but even more: he is a musical genius who immediately captivates you! To understand how all this was possible, you only have to have experienced it once.

If you fancy a taste: With his latest album release “Catharsis” he continues his unique legacy of reinventing himself ever since. We are incredibly happy to welcome Sven Väth to the Docklands Festival!


Noch kein Ticket? —  Hier geht’s lang!