SAT 10.06.2023 

As an artist, collaboration and community are essential to KI/KI’s craft. 

While festival stages and warehouses have become her second home, her heart still beats the loudest for the dark and intimate fringes of nightlife that she enriches with her mixture of trance, acid and techno. Beyond music, this artistry bleeds into all forms of collaboration; resulting in, among others, her ‘not for sleeping’ project with Amsterdam fashion collective The New Originals.

Starting out as a resident DJ at queer stronghold Spielraum in Amsterdam back in 2018, KI/KI has rapidly evolved into a nightlife bastion of her own. In the past years she’s made a mark with unforgettable all-nighters, curating her own ‘KI/KI invites’ series, attending Boiler Room performances, and several shows around the globe



Noch kein Ticket? —  Hier geht’s lang!