SAT 08.06.2024

The definition of unique underground sound in person: Jennifer Cardini!

Part 1 of the insane b2b with Pablo Bozzi!! For over three decades, Jennifer Cardini has been a trailblazer in electronic music, shaping its narrative through her mixes, record labels, and transformative parties like Nightclubbing. With a sound that invites outsiders and embraces diversity, Cardini’s influence on the underground scene is still unparalleled.

She creates a unique sonic landscape that combines wave-lace House with gothic undertones. As the driving force behind labels such as Correspondant, DISCHI and FÆRIES, she has reshaped the French dance music scene.

Embrace the liberation of sound with Pablo Bozzi!

Part 2 of the insane b2b with Jennifer Cardini! Hailing from Italy, Pablo Bozzi is emerging as a beacon of innovation in today’s music landscape. His unique fusion of Synthwave, Disco and early Techno (breaking free from stereotypes) offers a fresh perspective on electronic music.

As a resident at KHIDI, this young talent captivates large audiences with his dynamic sets and boundary-pushing tracks. With a deep appreciation for Italo music and a penchant for experimentation, Pablo Bozzi invites you to embark on a unique sonic expedition.

You can tell – the b2b with Jennifer is a full match! Not to be missed when they join forces for Docklands Festival 2024!


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