SAT 08.06.2024

Step back in time with Egyptian Lover : The pioneer of Old School Electro Beats

As a true innovator of the Old-school/Electro era, he left an indelible mark on the music scene! Influenced by the likes of Kraftwerk, Afrika Bambaataa and Prince, Egyptian Lover began his musical journey in Los Angeles in 1983.

Emerging in 1984 with the breakdancing anthem „Egypt, Egypt“, Egyptian Lover’s sound quickly became iconic. Tracks like „What Is a DJ If He Can’t Scratch“ „And My Beat Goes Boom“ and „Computer Love (Sweet Dreams)“ dominated DJ crates throughout the ‚80s and ‚90s, cementing his status as a legend in the genre.

With several LPs released over the years, including 1984’s „On the Nile“ and 1986’s „One Track Mind“ Egyptian Lover continues to make waves in the music scene. His 2006 release „Platinum Pyramids“ showcased his enduring talent, while collaborations with the likes of M.I.A. and Rye Rye demonstrate his lasting influence.


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