SAT 08.06.2024

Embark on a transcendent journey.

On his way to becoming the next Dutch superstar, currently playing the biggest shows in the world. As the reality you know distorts and disintegrates, Colyn takes you on a journey somewhere between space and time. With nine years of production experience, his signature sound blends endless textures, delayed synth stutters into euphoric grooves and the soaring sounds of nostalgia, captivating audiences worldwide.

Colyn’s first breakthrough came when the popular duo ‚Tale of Us‘ picked up on his sound, regularly featuring his music in their sets and signing his track „Amor“ to their successful ‚Afterlife‘ imprint. Supported by the likes of Joris Voorn, Mind Against and Fideles, Colyn’s music quickly gained recognition. Tracks like „Resolve“ became anthems in the Techno world. His most recent track, „Downfall“, also evokes the transfer of emotions.

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